Nintendo Switch: No Pro model or successor this year

Once again an update on the current sales figures of the Nintendo Switch released. The company announced to the investors that meanwhile 111.08 million units were sold. In the last quarter are doing so 3.43 million copies added to the total. However, a comparison with the previous year shows that the manufacturer had to accept losses here. That’s how it was in 2021 4.45 million consolesimplemented during this period.

No new hardware for now

For a long time there have been rumors about a supposed Pro model the Nintendo Switch. Also a successor of the console was last discussed among fans. In this fiscal year (ends March 2023) but it will definitely be no new hardware from Nintendo give. This is from a report by Nikkei out. Accordingly, the company now focuses exclusively on production of new Switch units in order to be able to reach the targeted sales target.

According to the Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa so far not as many switch consoles could be made in the summer as has been the case in recent years. Nintendo actually produces more consoles during this time to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. Because there are still problems with the procurement of important parts, there will be no announcement of a Pro model or a successor for the time being.

Nintendo Switch is in the middle of its life cycle

The Nintendo Switch has now been available in stores for more than five years. At the end of 2021, with the OLED version released a small hardware upgrade for the console. Nintendo has also reconfirmed that the current generation will be in the middle of the life cycle located. So it might be a while before we see a real sequel.

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