Nintendo Switch OLED is a success, sales above those of Lite

The console has been out for just over a week and it’s true, perhaps we all expected something more from Nintendo and not just an improvement in some features of the classic Switch. Everyone wanted a pro model, but what we got with the Nintendo Switch OLED is maybe a little taste of what we can expect in the future of Nintendo’s portable console which is now the master of the handheld market. There is no real competitor if not Steam Deck which actually looks like a real laptop game with a different paradigm. OLED is selling very well and its sales seem to come from a part of the public that was already close to the world of the great N.

At the release of the Lite model, many people were interested in purchasing the smaller model of the console, especially all that segment of the public who were mainly interested in a completely portable experience and who needed something to always carry with them in order not to leave. fun at home. The arrival of the Nintendo Switch OLED in addition to having surprised some industry insiders has certainly surprised the players who do a “new” console has been found with some improvements that really appeal to those who have a classic Switch, but even more so to those who have a Lite model.

Within our review of the console you can in fact notice how the focus is on what’s new inside the console, and obviously how the OLED screen completely changes the immersion in some games, especially the latest Metroid that enjoys the full potential of the console’s oled screen. Only in UK around 70% of Switch sales is dominated by OLED, a figure that obviously really makes you think about how the Nintendo strategy, once again, has hit and hit!

If of course you are still interested in buying a Nintendo Switch OLED we recommend you read our review and above all keep an eye on the product page since now the console is completely sold out and there are few pieces on the market!

If you want to buy your Nintendo console, you have to take a look here! If, on the other hand, you are looking for a Lite model, then maybe it can do it for you comfortable this occasion!

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