Nintendo Switch Pro or 4K with Tegra239 chip? Confirmations from an NVIDIA employee

In June 2021, a major leak reported Nintendo’s intention to mount a custom Tegra chip on the Switch Pro or 4K codenamed T239. Last year’s leak comes back to the fore with the latest statements from an NVIDIA employee.

The redditor “followmeinblue”, a user who claims to be in contact with a self-styled employee of NVIDIA who in the past has repeatedly shown that he is aware of the plans of the Santa Clara company, says in fact that the green house is indeed designing the Tegra239 chip.

According to the leaker, NVIDIA’s new generation of SoC processors should boast one Eight-core CPU and one graphics component with 2,048 CUDA Cores, complete with support for DLSS and Ray Tracing lighting effects. The latest advances shared by the NVIDIA employee, however, do not provide any indication of the actual use of the new Tegra239 chip as the SoC of the next Switch console iteration.

It is however interesting to note how the June 2021 advances on the adoption of a mysterious T239 chip by the Kyoto house to design Switch Pro or 4K seem to adhere, albeit indirectly, to the latest indications of the NVIDIA employee on the actual existence of the Tegra 239 SoC Meanwhile, the internet continues to discuss the suspicious increase in Nintendo’s hardware expenses reported in the latest financial reports of the Japanese videogame giant, an indication that could suggest the advanced development of a new console, be it Switch 2 or a platform with completely different playful purposes from those represented by the current family of hybrid systems of Big N.

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