Nintendo Switch reaches 107.6 million consoles sold with record video game sales

The present day Nintendo updated its console and video game sales information for fiscal year 2021, which ended on March 31 of this year. In addition to revealing that the Pokémon series sold more than 34 million video games for Nintendo Switch, it was announced that the console reached 107.65 million consoles sold.

The Nintendo Switch remains Nintendo’s third best-selling console, behind the first Game Boy with its 118.69 million consoles sold and the Nintendo DS with 154.02 million. The Nintendo Switch is the best-selling home console but it still has a long way to catch up with portables.

More Nintendo Switch consoles have been sold than Nintendo Wii U video games.

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Last week it was reported that Nintendo expects to sell 21 million consoles by the end of fiscal 2022. If Nintendo reaches its goal, the Nintendo Switch would outsell the Game Boy next year, reaching 128 million consoles sold. After this, the Nintendo Switch would be 26 million below the Nintendo DS.

In total, Nintendo sold 23.06 million consoles between April 2021 and March 2022, down 20% from 28.83 million the previous year, which is still its highest year. As for software, a total of 39 titles sold more than one million units during fiscal year 2022, 1.8% higher than the previous year and setting a new record for the company.

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The most recent Nintendo releases are Pokémon Legends: Arceus, which sold 12.64 million units in three months; Kirby and the Forgotten Land, which marked a huge success for Kirby’s 3D debut with 2.1 million units sold in just two weeks; and Metroid Dread, which at 2.9 million units became the best-selling game in the series.

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