Nintendo Switch: The new sale highlights in the eShop in week 41

In the current calendar week 41 (not long until Christmas!) There are again countless great games in the digital store of the Nintendo Switch, the eShop, at sometimes heavily reduced prices! The titles of various developers, publishers and indie studios from all over the world include all kinds of exciting AAA titles, exclusives, ports, remasters, remakes, indies and much more. You can find all deals directly in the eShop for digital purchase, some titles even appear old-school on cartridges – such as the science fiction adventure Metroid Dread from Nintendo just last week! You can find our detailed test here – it’s worth reading or watching, because Nintendo has released a top-class action adventure!

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Countless Switch Games on Sale!

So that you don’t lose track in the gigantic jumble of the countless reduced switch games, there is – like every week – a new and updated list with the latest, best, most promising and most exciting bargain deals from the eShop of the hybrid console. You will find links to our tests, previews and other exciting articles on the reduced games as further sources of information, so that you can get an even more precise picture of the games. Because whether reduced or not, you want to invest your money wisely and get the maximum amount of fun – right?

The most exciting switch bargains

For the titles listed, you will find the normal and the discounted price of the game in the brackets behind them. A further note: All titles on this list are discounted precisely when this article is published. A few days later, however, other games may already be on sale. That’s why every Thursday there is a new and constantly updated list of the most promising deals from the Nintendo Switch digital store (buy now 379,26 €)!

  • AO Tennis 2 (€ 27.49 instead of € 54.99)
  • Badland: Game of the Year Edition (3,99 € statt 5,99 €)
  • Bridge Constructor Portal (€ 5.99 instead of € 14.99)
  • Cat Quest (€ 6.49 instead of € 12.99)
  • Cat Quest 2 (€ 6.74 instead of € 14.99)
  • Crypt of the NecroDancer (3,99 € statt 19,99 €)
  • Gear Club Unlimited (2,98 € statt 14,90 €)
  • Gravity Rider Zero (0,99 € statt 6,99 €)
  • Iconoclasts (€ 7.99 instead of € 19.99)

  • MotoGP 20 (€ 7.99 instead of € 39.99)
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (20,09 € statt 29,99 €)
  • Syberia (€ 2.98 instead of € 14.90)
  • Syberia 2 (€ 1.99 instead of € 29.99)
  • Tetris Effect: Connected (29,99 € statt 39,99 €)
  • Trine Enchanted Edition (€ 3.74 instead of € 14.99)
  • Trine 2: Complete Story (4,24 € statt 16,99 €)
  • Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power (4,99 € statt 19,99 €)
  • Trine: Ultimate Collection (9,99 € statt 49,99 €)

You can also find ours in our technology guide Nintendo-Switch-Test with lots of information about the console, the best games and price comparison tables.

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