Nintendo will not release any new hardware this year

It has been heavily rumored that Nintendo is working on the Nintendo Switch Pro and that this could be released in 2022. That doesn’t seem to be the case, the Switch Pro may still be in development, but there won’t be a release in the near future. .

That’s according to a recently released report from Nikkeii where it appears that Nintendo has no plans to release new hardware right now. In large part, this is due to the continued shortage of components, something that means that Nintendo now intends to focus on producing enough of its existing Switch models to achieve sales targets for 2022.

In the same report, it is also stated that the Nintendo Switch has not sold as well as expected, during the period March-June sales decreased by 22%, which Nintendo explains is also due to the lack of components. They are therefore still aiming to reach the sales targets for 2022, but that this will then happen at the expense of new hardware.

When do you think the next Nintendo console is coming?

There will be no Nintendo Switch Pro this year according to Nintendo.

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