"No AI" labels emerge, guarantee something made by people

“No AI” labels emerge, guarantee something made by people

  • The Not By AI badge was created to help users identify human-generated content.

  • It is estimated that 90 percent of online content could be generated by AI by 2025.

  • Investment in machine learning, as of mid-June 2019, amounted to more than 45 billion dollars.

Due to the new evolutions and creations that the IAthe idea of ​​implementing a label that ensures that some content is made by people has been chosen.

The tags “no AI” are a way of ensuring that the content being consumed is in some way real and not created by a program IA. This type of label would help filmmakers, artists, writers, photographers, etc. In order to demonstrate authenticity and originality in their works, in addition to having a little control, since in some cases it is difficult to identify if something has been created by humans or by AI. The intelligence artificial It has had a significant impact, it is one of the technological areas with the greatest economic projection both in the short and medium term. So much so that according to a Statista study, the market value of this could exceed 300 billion dollars by 2025.

“No AI” tags emerge to ensure content is made by people

The IA It is already found in several areas, since it is capable of writing articles, descriptions, generating images or searching for information, so it is increasingly difficult to know if something was genuinely created by a person, for this, there are even detectors that show the probability of what is being written by a person and by an artificial intelligence. And precisely for this purpose the badges have emerged “Not By AI” to distinguish the texts, news or images that are created by an individual. There are 3 types of badges that cover various areas:

  • Insignia ‘Painted by humans, not AI’.
  • Insignia ‘Written by humans, not AI’.
  • Insignia ‘Produced by humans, not AI’.
Foto: Not by AI

The people indicated to use these badges are musicians, photographers, filmmakers, writers, artists and in general anyone who makes content. It should be noted that the insignia presented “Not By AI” it currently has no significant legal effect and displaying the badge on any asset does not guarantee that the content is not primarily AI created.

The company noted that the main goal is to encourage more humans to produce original content and to help users identify human-generated content.

“The Not By AI badge is not designed to discourage the use of AI. Instead, it’s to make sure that as we celebrate the achievement, we’re working with AI instead of being replaced. This process ensures that we as a species continue to collectively contribute to online content and prevent online content from being replaced by AI-produced recycled content.” He highlighted Not By AI in his place web.

The appearance of labels “No AI” to ensure that content is created by people reflects the growing concern about automation and the influence of intelligence artificial in our daily life. While AI can be very helpful in certain ways, it’s also important to value human labor and protect our ability to make decisions and create content authentically.

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