No end in sight – new information on allegations against Nintendo

Nintendo is currently drawing attention not only to the success of the switch and free classics for Nintendo Switch Online, but also to allegations by numerous employees. at Nintendo of America According to many reports, the conditions, especially for contract employees, are said to be absolutely catastrophic. Both the apparently bad payas well as the very low security in many places makes many angry. The story is now so big that even the former president of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aimécommented on the allegations.

Also aspects like no mention in the credits a game, even if you were involved in the testing process, for example, bothers many former and current employees. Ten to eleven month employment contracts without most of the benefits of full-time employment, followed by breaks of several months, are also said to be a problem for many at Nintendo of America. Some people are said to have worked in this rhythm for up to ten years.

This throws combined with numerous stories more than questionable communication with contract employees does not reflect particularly well on the company. Nintendo of America often does not hire its contract employees itself, but uses external companies for this purpose.

Nintendo and the “unions”

The story was triggered by a lawsuit filed by a former employee. This is said to have been dismissed because of this, since he is said to have openly supported the idea of ​​a union and is said to have spoken just as openly about topics such as salaries. Nintendo has already publicly denied this accusation.

In addition, according to the latest information, it should already 2014 Attempts have been made to set up a union or similar form of internal organisation.

But Parker Staffing, one of the external companies already mentioned, is said to have made the people involved aware that Nintendo is a “family” where such organizations would not be necessary. “It was union busting without technically union busting‘ a former contract employee told Axios.

New allegations and stories

Accusations and stories about Nintendo of America are currently piling up. In the latest report from Axios, another example is also described, which will by no means soothe tempers. A contract employee is said to have been told that she would lose her job if she went to the burial her grandfather go.

Shortly after the initial reports of the lawsuit, current Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser sent an internal email within the company. In this, Bowser expressed concern about the points mentioned, but did not address anything specifically. It remains to be seen how this story about Nintendo’s dealings with employees will develop further.

Sources: axios, kotaku

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