No end in sight: traffic jam in front of the Pfänder tunnel

Traffic jam in front of the Pfänder tunnel
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In front of the Pfänder tunnel in the direction of travel to Germany, traffic jams are already forming again due to German border controls.

Block handling, controls, one or the other breakdown – the traffic situation in Vorarlberg has been very tense lately. It doesn’t just accumulate at the border. The traffic jam extends on Friday morning on the A96 towards Munich to the A14 in Lochau. According to Google Maps, the waiting time is 27 minutes (as of Friday 12 noon). So far, the traffic jam has mainly affected Germany. However, further traffic delays are expected throughout the day.

Screenshot (as of 24.06 at 12:00)
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package of measures

There is block handling in front of the Pfänder tunnel and the alternative traffic blocked the city of Bregenz and some of the surrounding communities at the beginning of the week.

Representatives from the state, city and ASFINAG have agreed on a package of measures to deal with the current G7 traffic jam problem in and around Bregenz. In order to prevent the massive evasive traffic, there is a temporary ban on driving through: It is forbidden to exit the A14 in Wolfurt or Bregenz. Destination traffic is excluded. Penalties of between 50 and 100 euros are also possible.

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