No Exynos! Galaxy S23 may be launched only with Snapdragon chip

O Galaxy S23 can end the biggest headache for Samsung users. According to rumors, the South Korean giant should launch the top of the line at the beginning of next year with just one processor model — Qualcomm’s Snapdragon — and not two as has been the case with the most recent releases. IThis means that we probably won’t have any models with the Exynos chipset, manufactured by Samsung itself.

The information comes from the Korean website naverand revealed that this same policy of “single chip” should also apply to the Galaxy S24. As an example, the Galaxy S22 arrived in early 2022 and in some regions of the planet it was presented with the Snapdragon processor, such as in the United States and Brazil. In Europe, in turn, the device brought the Exynos processor.

According to information, this policy change has to do with the development of a new processor, completely proprietary and customized for smartphones in the Galaxy line. According to the leak, Samsung has already started to take the first steps to manufacture this new chip, and is hiring about a thousand employees to build the new processor, which should be ready only in 2025.

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Without any official confirmation from Samsung, we can only wait if the information is true or not. It is worth remembering, however, that there are different versions of this story. For example, the dutch website GalaxyClub also suggests that Samsung is working on a new chip, but that it should debut on the Galaxy S23 in select markets.

In addition, a third rumor also indicates that, for certain regions, Samsung may end up launching the Galaxy S23 with Taiwanese processors. MediaTek.

For now, we just have to wait.

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