“No facial expressions and not a crease”: Kader Loth’s fans discuss their new photo

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Of: Sarah Wolzen

Kader Loth causes speculation with its latest photos © Instagram: kader_loth

Kader Loth makes no secret of her cosmetic surgery. The trash queen is freshly rejuvenated in her latest photo. And thus causes quite a few discussions on the internet.

Berlin – Soon she can be seen with her husband Ismet Atli in the “Summer House of the Stars” (these are the candidates for the new 2022 season). But Kader Loth (49) is already causing a lot of conversation. The reason: the latest photo showing the reality queen on Instagram.

Kader Loth likes to go under the knife

Kader Loth has long made no secret of the fact that regular visits to the beauty doctor are part of her beauty routine. But has the 49-year-old gone under the knife again?

A heated discussion about this sparked off under her most recent Instagram post. Kader Loth can be seen in a series of photos showing her with other visitors at an event. The flawless face of the trash queen immediately catches the eye.

Kader Loth causes speculation: filter or beauty doc?

But is this a flattering Instagram filter, or has Kader paid another visit to the plastic surgeon? “Why hold on to wrinkle-free youth. Sooner or later you won’t be able to counter it,” comments one fan. The next laughs at “the image processing.” “No facial expressions and not a wrinkle. Is something like that still nice?”asks another user.

Comments under Kader Loth's Instagram post
Kader Loth causes an uproar on the internet with their latest photos © Instagram: kader_loth‚

However, most of her fans are happy about the latest pictures of their idol and shower the post with heart and flame emojis.

Most recently, she caused a stir when Kader Loth declared that she wanted to adopt an orphan from Ukraine. Sources used: instagram.com/kader_loth

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