"No fentanyl in my jack, please" - the needles that save lives

“No fentanyl in my jack, please” – the needles that save lives

The effect of taking fentanyl is the same as taking heroin, but the side effects can be great and an overdose can in the worst case lead to death.

With the help of the kit, the user can discover if his drugs are contaminated by the narcotic-classified substance before it is too late.

– We want to make it as safe as possible for the users, says Robert Sanderö.

“No fentanyl in my jack, please”

The association has received a positive response to the initiative.

– We have received messages: “Thank you, you saved my life”, says Robert Sanderö.

On the Twitter page “Drug warnings”, which is run by the Brukarföreningen’s Stockholm branch, warnings are given about dangerous substances that are in circulation on the Swedish drug market.

In a post that the page has retweeted, a user writes:

“It’s cool to be careful! No fentanyl in my dick, thanks” and posts a picture of a negative fentanyl test.

Hear Robert tell about when he took a fentanyl overdose and see how a self-test for the substance is done in the clip above.

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