No-List: You should no longer visit these travel destinations in 2023

  • Which travel destinations are better to avoid in 2023?
  • Why is that?
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You are right to look forward to your vacation. But then maybe that will come big disappointment. It’s crowded, the nature shown in the prospectus doesn’t look like the glossy pictures that Prices the restaurants have shot up to dizzying heights and the service also leaves a lot to be desired. What goals you might have in 2023 no longer visit you can find out here.

Venice – Why you might not want to go there anymore

Venice is probably one of the most popular holiday destinations. Built on more than 120 swampy islands, the city is connected by more than 400 bridges. Numerous sights also make it a destination for cruise ships. But Venice is a city full of problems: It has grown and more and more areas of the lagoon have been drained. But the pollution of the water from the oil refineries on the mainland, a dilapidated infrastructure and the rising sea level are also causing problems for the city. The old foundations expiredthe houses threaten to sink.

Due to the ever-growing city, it is also falling Groundwater level away. This lowers the floor of the lagoon; Venice has sunk over 10 centimeters in the last 20 years. This is irreversible. Another problem is the cruise ships that enter the lagoon. According to the Italian government, these would damage the substance of the city. Ships weighing more than 25,000 gross register tons or more than 180 meters in length and more than 35 meters in height may noisy Cruise current no longer enter since August 2021. This eliminates one important thing for many tourists highlights.

From January 16, 2023, the site reports Hello Venicealso one entrance fee raised. However, this only applies to day visitors who are not staying overnight in Venice. The fee should be between 3 and 10 euros. This is intended to curb the flow of visitors somewhat. A far bigger problem, and sometimes a more expensive one, can await you when you want to eat out. This is how the news portal informs about it watson about greatly inflated prices, there is also talk of “rip-off”. As a tourist, you often pay more than the locals for certain activities, such as the holiday portal travel book reported. But even in normal restaurants, the prices are often high, according to happy to travel, also sometimes inscrutable. In some restaurants you pay a so-called “Coperto”. This is nothing but one fee for using the table, chair and cutlery. This is between 2 and 2.50 euros per person. Tip: This fee does not apply at the counter. Incidentally, this amount is independent of the order value. The service fee, on the other hand, which is added to the bill at the end, is between 10 and 13 percent of the bill. Tip is included, but expect the amount to be rounded up. So it is, apart from those environmentally relevant Questions, perhaps to reconsider vacationing there.

Which destinations you might want to avoid

Especially the crowds of tourists are troubling many areas. Nature there is often sustainable and sometimes irreversible destroyed. So reports the Frankfurt pressthat, for example, in Étretat in France, known for its picturesque cliffs, many people throw stones and landslides occur. Several hundred kilograms are carried off the beaches every day. The infrastructure is also hardly designed for these crowds, at times the sewage treatment plant had to go overload are closed, the rubbish bins are overflowing and there are constant complaints about landslides. The same applies loudly The standard for Lake Tahoe in California. The originally clear lake is now cloudy due to the volume of traffic; dirt particles and more and more sediments are deposited. Additionally come there, according to reports at T-Onlineserious forest fires occur again and again, possibly also as a result of the climate catastrophe.

Also overcrowded is how to Stuttgart News can be seen, Cornwall. Also known from the film adaptations of the novels by Rosamunde Pilcher, more and more people are drawn to this beautiful area. But Cornwall has a problem: the area is one of the poorest in Great Britain. Due to the tourist rush, many apartments have been converted into holiday apartments, more affordable Housing for the locals is scarce and expensive. During the corona pandemic, Cornwall was one of the areas with the highest incidence due to the massive influx of tourists within the UK. coachespacked with tourists, clog the area.

In principle, you should consider whether you are driving in regions that are already under massive environmental problems suffer, such as Spain how to get on can read. Here the climate catastrophe is clearly noticeable, it prevails almost all year round lack of water. In addition, as in Cornwall, many apartments have been converted to Airbnb apartments, and there is a shortage of housing for the population. The locals are already beginning to rebel. If then, as in Mallorca, the local residents, in contrast to the tourists, use the water ration have to, the resentment grows even more.


The tourism industry is trapped. On the one hand, the tourists often bring urgently needed foreign currency, on the other hand, nature is being destroyed and the population there is getting into trouble. The above examples show that you should think carefully about your goal. Holidays are one of the pleasant things in life; yet it is one consideration worth how and where you spend your time and invest your money.

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