No longer the usual jewels we know but these to rejuvenate and have the right autumn outfit

Autumn is a season full of warm and enveloping colors. The trees begin to change color and shed their leaves and the avenues and gardens change their appearance to prepare for winter.

As for the hair, whose new color is inspired by the autumn foliage color, so also for the jewels there are some novelties on the horizon. The trend in the world of jewelry moves from common jewels we know to others, suitable for rejuvenating your autumn outfit and always being fashionable.

Wear the colors of autumn such as yellow gold or rose gold, or choose stones like those that resemble a green tree with a sunset in shades of orange. These are just some of the elements that fashion has interpreted in the field of jewelry for a meaningful autumn.

The fall foliage color also inspires the jewelry industry

This is the time to take all the vintage jewels of the mother or grandmother and show them off as unique pieces and in many cases unobtainable. The world of vintage has dug into our wardrobe and our jewelry box, bringing new trends to show off for any occasion.

As well as for the snake necklace again in fashion in the flat version, so for the candies jewels that drove everyone crazy this summer, for this autumn we will have to focus on trendy colors. These are essentially inspired by autumn colors, so just take a look around to get an idea.

No longer the usual jewels we know but these to rejuvenate and have the right autumn outfit

With a little imagination, you can imagine our outfit as an avenue with many trees in the autumn period. This avenue will be rich in shades for the natural autumn process where the leaves from green will turn yellow, then orange red and finally brown.

In addition to these, the colors of the sky at sunset will be full of purple or orange and also in this period mosses and mosses begin to form. lichens. Here are these colors to be inspired by to dress in autumn and give a magical touch to our outfit. Let’s see someone in particular.

In the period of chestnuts, the Sunday outing can turn out to be a pleasant walk immersed in the greenery. The first color that comes to the eye is precisely that of the leaves. Green like an emerald or brown like a citrine. The latter lesser known stone has a strong and intense color between yellow and brown. A perfect combination of autumn colors.

For example, green tourmaline is a stone that is associated with moss or lichens. Garnet is also compared to the color of chestnuts and so on. There are many colors from which to draw inspiration to wear in this wonderful season.

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