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Apart from our fingerprints and DNA, is there any other method of identifying a unique individual?

A. Yes there is, our languages, like our fingerprints, are also specific to each individual. That’s right: people have tongue imprints, which vary from person to person due to both shape and texture. And perhaps surprisingly, the organ has been gaining some popularity as a biometric authentication method.

Where fingerprints can be altered, eyes affected by astigmatism or cataracts, and voices changed only by the all-too-common cold, the human tongue is relatively protected from external factors. Sticking out your tongue for an impression also implies a layer of conscious control and consent, beyond what is required for retinal scans or even fingerprinting, which could make it a more attractive biometric tool. for some.


What is the universe made of (let’s see what he answers me)?

A. The Earth and everything on it, plus everything we have seen through a telescope or could see through a telescope, makes up about 5% of the mass of the universe, and to your question, I agree that it’s not visible matter, it’s not antimatter, and it’s not a bunch of giant black holes, as NASA has explained. The best that physicists can imagine, based on calculations, is that the universe is 68% “dark energy” and 27% “dark matter”, which just means that it is made of “stuff we haven’t discovered yet.” ”.

There is also the possibility that dark matter does not exist and all the math about the size of the universe and/or the way physics works is wrong. Which one do you like?


Should we follow some order in our purchases in the supermarket, like buying eggs first and putting them in the bottom of the cart?

A. This is a rookie mistake, but everyone has done it: Mindlessly grab a container of ice cream, put it in the cart, and happily go on your shopping trip like a good consumer. When he gets home, he discovers that he has a box of ice cream soup. Worse still: hot meat. You could get sick from it. To avoid this particular flavor of heartbreak, shop in this order:

Durable goods

refrigerated items

frozen items

Articles deli.


Of all the devices we have at home, which ones consume the most electricity?

A. For homes that do, it’s their heating and cooling systems that consume more than half of their energy each month. You can save on your heating bill by slightly lowering (or raising) the thermostat and making a few other small adjustments that will have a surprisingly big impact.

This is followed by the water heater, the washing machine and clothes dryer, the lights in her house (as my grandmother used to say: “you don’t have to light the absent”) that are on without anyone in the room, the refrigerator, the computer and the monitor always on.

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