No Man’s Sky lets you unlock the Normandy from Mass Effect again

All four expeditions are returning. From now until January you have two weeks to claim the rewards in each of the events.

As part of a time-limited event in No Man’s Sky, there was already the opportunity this spring to add the legendary Normandy SR1 from Mass Effect to his interstellar fleet as a frigate. Anyone who is upset that they missed the pretty ship the last time can rejoice, because since yesterday you have the opportunity to play the four necessary expeditions and reap the associated rewards.

With the expeditions, Hello Games made its first attempt in the direction of live service entertainment. Curated experiences and missions designed to freshen up the experience a little with a temporary set of directions and to bring players closer together. Various cosmetic rewards were offered as an incentive, depending on which milestones of the events you had completed.

You now have two weeks to tackle each of the four expeditions again. The first expedition is called Pioneers and began in March, followed by Beachhead in May, where you could also earn the Normandy.

Cartographers followed in December and was a good entry point if you haven’t played No Man’s Sky in a while (or longer). Then at the end of October there was Emergence, which among other things reworked the game’s terrifying sandworms.

No Man’s Sky x Mass Effect – Normandy Trailer.

You play all expeditions in chronological order. Expedition 1, Pioneers from No Man’s Sky runs through December 7th. You will unlock the Normandy in Expedition 2 (Beachhead) between December 8th and 21st. Expedition 3, Cartographers is available from December 22nd to January 4th and Expedition 4, Emergence can be played from January 5th to 19th. More than enough time actually – and if you’re honest, you’ve wanted to return to No Man’s Sky for a long time, right? When the Normandy is not an incentive.

“That marks the end of 2021 for us,” writes Hello Games, “which was another busy year for our small team because we celebrated No Man’s Sky’s fifth birthday with four big updates! That would bring us to 17 big releases and numerous smaller updates. And we are humbled that we can take No Man’s Sky to exciting new places with you. ” Further plans for 2022 are already taking shape, the news said.

How long was it your last time with No Man’s Sky? Do you plan to get back in? Or have you never left?

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