No Man’s Sky: the evolution of the space sandbox in a comparative video from 2016 to 2022

The latest in-depth video made by the now well-known youtuber Cycu1 shows the incredible development path undertaken by Hello Games to constantly evolve and enrich the virtual universe of No Man’s Sky with content.

The comparative video of Cycu1 highlights the countless interventions made by the authors following Sean Murray to expand the interactive galaxy of No Man’s Sky. The work carried out by the English developers has followed the double track of optimization and mere “fan service”, an approach repeatedly described by Murray himself with the metaphor of a blackboard with countless items to tick but which, at the same time, is filled constantly of objectives to be achieved.

In this context, the commitment of the British authors falls, first in closing the many bugs that have plagued the “version 1.0” of No Man’s Sky and, subsequently, in the progressive addition of functionality for the complex procedural engine that oversees the creation of almost all the graphic, logical and even narrative elements of this immense galaxy in constant change.

And you, what do you think of this evolution? Tell us with a comment and let us know if you have been exploring Murray’s procedural galaxy since the title’s launch in 2016 or if, on the contrary, you have taken the via dell’Atlante after being attracted by the lure of one of the countless free expansions launched in recent years by Hello Games, such as that of the merchant revolution of No Man’s Sky Endurance.

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