“No more fun”: Katja Burkard explains her outburst of anger about Deutsche Bahn

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Katja Burkard is not a big fan of Deutsche Bahn (photomontage) © Rudolf Gigler/Wolfgang Maria Weber/Imago

Katja Burkard recently raged because she had to deal with immense delays as a passenger on Deutsche Bahn. Now the “Point 12” presenter explains her outburst of anger. However, the 57-year-old has positive words for the company’s employees.

Cologne – RTL presenter Katja Burkard (all news about Katja Burkard) recently made headlines when she traveled with Deutsche Bahn for a shoot from Cologne to Baden-Baden. However, the trip was not very pleasant: several hours late, the plans of the 57-year-old thwarted, who raged furiously against the mobility company – and now took a stand on her tantrum.

Katja Burkhard scolds Deutsche Bahn – now the RTL presenter justifies her statements

“How a company can be so shitty,” Katja Burkard recently scolded Deutsche Bahn in her Instagram story after her mood was badly spoiled on the outward and return journeys by a total of five hours. The RTL icon was really looking forward to the shoot in her hometown of Baden-Baden.

Katja Burkard is upset about Deutsche Bahn.  (photo collage)
Katja Burkard had raged against the train in clear words on Instagram and now declared her tantrum © Screenshots Instagram/katja_burkard_official

“Shh… one does not say! But if you lose five hours in two days and two weekends before you have to pay 200 euros for a taxi because the train to the airport is canceled, then that’s the end of the fun,” the moderator justified rtl.de now her emotional outburst and once again took a hard stance on Deutsche Bahn: “You can’t rely on the train! If you have this impression of a company, then something is wrong! And then you should urgently come up with something.”

Katja Burkard criticizes Bahn, but praises employees – “Very nice and helpful”

She is “not a transport or economics expert” and therefore has no concrete idea of ​​how Die Bahn can improve its service, but Katja Burkard had words of praise for the company’s employees: “And I would like to emphasize that the people who work in work the trains, are very nice and helpful. You can’t help the chaos.”

When she’s not stuck on the train, the 57-year-old inspires with great looks on RTL: Katja Burkard recently complained about a “walking handicap” on “Punkt 12” that the outfitters had given her. Sources used: rtl.de, instagram.com/katja_burkard_official

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