"No one was ever shocked", "a piece of meat": three new women testify against PPDA

Patrick Poivre d’Arvor is again accused of sexual violence by three new women, who testified to our colleagues from Release.

Three new edifying testimonies. This Monday, the newspaper Release reveals the stories of three women who accuse Patrick Poivre d’Arvor of rape and sexual assault. Facts that will not lead to prosecution, because they are prescribed, but which relate to a modus operandi already described in previous testimonies.

By testifying, these women want to support the complaints of others before them. These facts take place in the world of publishing, an environment in which PPDA had influence and, above all, where many people knew the “reputation” of the TF1 star.

“No one was ever shocked”

Release first publishes the testimony of Bénédicte Martin who, despite the prescription, thinks that her story could be useful to other victims. She was 24 at the time of the events, in 2003. This author is a guest of the PPDA literary program, night flight. At the end of the recording, he offers her to come back to attend a television news. A few weeks later, after the recording of this JT, she is taken by a secretary to a room, where she then finds herself alone with the presenter.

“Anorexic girls are often very interesting, very sensitive. I would really like to help you feed yourself,” he would then have launched.

Then, says Bénédicte Martin, he grabs her from behind, by the throat. She struggles on the ground but he tries to pull up her skirt and kiss her. The author manages to escape and flee. Two years later, when she meets the star again, he offers her to resume their antics “where they left off”.

In the testimony of Bénédicte Martin, what is striking is the indifference of her interlocutors when she recounts her attack. Everyone in the publishing world seems to know the behavior of PDDA. Bénédicte Martin notably mentions the names of Frédéric Beigbeder and Michel Houellebecq. “I never stopped reporting the acts of PPDA, no one was ever shocked,” she says.

“A piece of meat that we use”

In 2000, Juliette (author whose first name has been changed) underwent the same procedure. She tells to Release only after an appearance on the show night flight, PPDA drags him into his office. He presses her against a table, raises her skirt and penetrates her.

Paralyzed, she does not struggle, she explains. After the rape, she even says that she maintains a “friendship” relationship with the presenter, saying she is torn between professional necessities and the memory of this attack. Like others, she explains having had the impression of being “a piece of meat that we use”.

The same usual ritual

Anne Cauquil-Gleizes was 16 in 1984. She writes to PPDA because she wants to become an author. To her surprise, he telephones her at her family home. Very quickly, the conversation deviates and the presenter asks her what kind of underwear she wears, she says.

He offers to meet her a year later, in his hotel room during a trip to Sète. She thinks to show him her texts and her writings. “He rocks me on the bed, undresses me, penetrates me. It barely lasts five minutes. I remain completely passive, I do not understand what is happening to me”, she testifies to Release. He then leaves her and walks out of the room.

PPDA mentioned this meeting in his book “the Women of my life”, published in 1988. He compares it to a “lobster” which must be taken “thumb and index finger behind the pliers. Only then did she stop waving her long legs and began to purr”. Subsequently, Anne Cauquil-Gleizes decides to change her first name, opting for Margot. She falls into depression.

A few years later, when she was 23 or 24, PPDA invited her in turn to attend the recording of a television newscast. Everything happens according to the usual ritual. It is conducted in the presenter’s office. “This diary was really very difficult, you would give me a little treat”, he would have launched, before she started to scream and run away.

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