No season tickets, timetables, vouchers: Turin, that’s why the stadium doesn’t fill up

Torino and Serie A do not encourage fans to go to the stadium. And the past weighs heavily: two years of disappointments are never forgotten

Seven thousand thirty-four. Viewers of Turin-Udinese. In the stands, there was only 33.3% of the fans who could have attended the match compared to the allowed capacity, which, we recall, is 75% of the total due to anti-Covid regulations. The team came from two consecutive home wins, against Genoa and Sampdoria, and under the management of Juric has found spirit and results, after two disastrous seasons. Yet, up to now, there has never been a rush to the ticket. With two partial exceptions: 12,073 people attended the match against Juventus (but the Juventus presence should also be considered) when the capacity was still 50%, while against Sampdoria (75%) there were 13,137 spectators. Two peaks in a not-so-high average of 9.052 spectators per game. But there are reasons why, inevitably, the attractiveness to the stadium is low.

Turin, now no season tickets (not even mini)

First of all, the coupons policy set by the club should be considered. Going to the stadium, in most matches, costs 20 euros in the Maratona corner and between 25 and 35 euros in the Distinti and Granata Grandstands. The company experienced a mini-subscription for the matches against Salernitana, Lazio and Juventus (45 euros in the corners, between 75 and 90 euros in the two stands), but the experience has not been replicated. There is currently none trick, therefore, to retain and reward the most constant fans, as opposed to what happens for other Serie A teams, such as Salernitana, Cagliari, Venice, Sassuolo, Fiorentina – which have adopted mini-season tickets – or like Empoli, Bologna and Udinese , who have launched a booklet for all home matches.

And what about the 2019/2020 voucher?

In addition there is the question of the old voucher granted to season ticket holders for the 2019/2020 season to refund them for the seven matches they were unable to attend due to anti-coronavirus regulations. Some former season ticket holders in the Maratona curve tell us that the voucher has a value of less than 100 euros for adult men (more or less every game lost was “worth” between 11 and 15 euros) and about 60 euros for women. It’s easy to do the calculation: if the prices in Marathon settle at 20 euros, it is clear that former male season ticket holders have run out or will run out of vouchers in fewer matches than those they lost in 2020, and even worse has gone to season tickets , which almost always had to pay the full price ticket this season. Not really a favor.

The Serie A calendar discourages fans from going to the stadium

And then there is the question of calendar decided by Serie A. Toro has often played, up to now, in uncomfortable days and times, especially for those who work. Out of seven home games, three have been away from the weekend: one on Thursday every 6.30 p.m. (Lazio), one on Friday at 18.30 (Genoa) and the last on Monday at 20.45. The next one, against Empoli – for which, it should be remembered, Toro has chosen to carry out various promotions on tickets, also for women – will be played again on Thursday at 18.30. Only against Salernitana, the grenades played on Sunday at 15.

Two years of disasters are not quickly forgotten

So far – let’s put it this way – socio-economic variables. Then there is everything else. Because the memory of the fans is not short and the square has not forgotten the last two seasons, in which seeing Toro was not only a pain – because the team approached relegation twice – but it was also, in football terms, a very good show. poor in fun. Two years of disappointments have caused disaffection: a few months done well are not enough, therefore, to reverse the trend and bring people back to the stadium.

The fans of Torino

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