No, the movement of the Moon around the Sun does not draw loops

The Moon revolves around the Earth, while the Earth revolves around the Sun. The trajectory of the Moon, in relation to the star, should therefore form sorts of loops, shouldn’t it? No.

Drawing the trajectory of celestial objects sometimes gives rise to surprises. We know that the Moon, for example, does not follow a perfect circle in its movement around the Earth: its orbit is elliptical (it is a kind of elongated circle). And what about the trajectory of the Moon, but in relation to the Sun this time?

Spontaneously, since the Moon revolves around the Earth, we could say that the Moon draws like “loops” (or a kind of “spring”, if you prefer) around our planet, if we trace its movement with respect to the Sun. However, this is not the case: the scientist Erika Palmerio, specialized in the physics of the Sun for the company Predictive Science, explained why in a discussion thread on January 18, 2022. The Moon’s orbit around the Sun looks more like ” a rounded polygon that closely follows thedown “.

Almost a circle, but no loops

On the images broadcast by the scientist, on the left, we can actually see the trajectory of the Moon and the Sun. ” See how close it is to a circle? This is because the Earth orbits the Sun at around 30 kilometers per second, while the Moon orbits the Earth at around 1 kilometer per second. The Moon always moves in the same direction as the Earth moves (no chance of looping) “Summarizes Erika Palmerio.

No loop on this diagram: the trajectory of the Moon around the Sun almost resembles a circle. //Source: Via Twitter @erikapal

That’s not to say that other moons can’t draw this shape of curls. This happens under certain conditions: its speed around the planet must be greater than the speed of the planet around the Sun “says the scientist. Thus, the phenomenon occurs for certain natural satellites of the gas giant Jupiter.

Moreover, if one wants to be more precise, it is not 100% exact to say that the planets orbit around the Sun, or that the Moon orbits around the Earth. All of these bodies are in fact orbiting around a center of mass.

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