Noelia Marzol slipped a favoritism towards a couple from La Academia: “She is very strong”

Noelia Marzol and Joni Lazarte opened the urban rhythm at La Academia (LaFlia Press)

After the intense gala that led to the elimination of Rocío Marengo and Nacho Pérez Cortés and of Lizardo ponce and Josefina Oriozabala, a new rhythm started in The academy. With the end getting closer and closer, the driver Marcelo tinelli announced that the seven remaining couples will have to measure themselves in the discipline of urban rhythms, still without determining how many are those who will leave the contest in this round.

Noelia Marzol next to Jony lazarte, one of the most virtuous couples in the competition, was in charge of opening the new rhythm. “This is pure energy, work in Dabope or not work in Dabope,” Tinelli introduced her, referring to a comment she had made. Rocío Marengor after its deletion. And before giving way to the choreography, Noelia spoke of the nervousness with which these decisive moments have been going through.

“I swear to you I am with tachycardia lately, because I have so much anxiety, the more I choke it. We are giving everything, we want to win this year, “said the dancer. “The contest is open. Here a lot of favorite, favorite, but it was your turn and you leftTinelli replied, encouraging him. “There is no reason to be angry,” he added.

“It happens that there is a certain favoritism for a couple, that we all think is very on track”Marzol pointed out, pointing to Cachete Sierra and Fiorella Giménez. “Because he won at Singing”, interpreted Marcelo. “Yes, he also has Cache charisma. And dance well. He is a strong rival, ”Noelia replied. There, the host mentioned what happened at the previous gala, when the public surprised by choosing Agustín Barajas and Loli Ruiz. “They were already leaving. I was also surprised, that’s the way it is ”, he insisted.

After the dance and before the returns, Ángel de Brito resumed the analysis that Tinelli had been developing. “You never know, yesterday we were watching Piquín and the boyfriend and it was a hit”, he estimated. “Cachete was one of the most unknown of the Singing and ended up winning, “added the journalist, who made a good return although he rated them with a 7. Next, Pampita Ardohain was laudatory: “Very aerobic, very demanding, the trick came out flawless: a super score”, He evaluated before pressing the button of 10.

Noelia Marzol and Jony Lazarte collected 33 points (LaFlia Press)
Noelia Marzol and Jony Lazarte collected 33 points (LaFlia Press)

“I love the work they do. They are very technical, very neat and I understand that the urban requires something more untidy. And they solved it super well ”, he analyzed Guillermina Valdes, which gave them a 9. “I want to see attitude one hundred percent, that they are predators until the end,” he said. Jimena Baron, questioning in some way the entrance to the track. “Of you, who are the best of the seven that remain, I await the whole sky “added the actress, who is in charge of the secret ballot. “There were problems at the beginning but they solved it well. I saw them very on time ”, he concluded Hernán Piquín and he gave them a 7. The partial of 33, a number that on other occasions would mean a safe step, but that in final instances forces them to wait for the performance of the rest.

It should be noted that after his elimination yesterday and in the middle of speeches of thanks, Marengo was not entirely satisfied with the decision that had been made first by the jury and then by the public. “If I worked in Dabope, I would have reached the final,” said the model in reference to the producer of Federico Hoppe and Chato Prada. In a very even duel, the jury saved Cachete and Fiorella first and then Cande Ruggeri and Nicolás Fleitas, the final decision was in the hands of the viewers, who determined that with 39. 7 percent of the votes, the saved couple is Agustín Barajas and Loli Ruiz.


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