Noémie (Love is in the meadow) confides in her love situation

After arriving alone on the balance sheet in the last issue of Love is in the meadow broadcast on Monday November 14 on M6, Noémie gives news of her romantic situation on her Instagram account.

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Noémie, the youngest of the 17th season of Love is in the meadow, unfortunately did not find love during filming with Gaël. The young 25-year-old farmer preferred to quickly put an end to her budding love affair with the discreet paramedic who, according to her, was too invested in this relationship. Noémie then presented herself alone in the balance sheet against Karine Lemarchand and admitted to her that she had lost herself during the show: “I had too much and none at all. I got lost in the step at all. I had Romain who was too much and that scared me. With Gaël, there was more of this physical attraction too. Thereupon, I realized that the physical, I do not care.” But has she finally found love since the end of filming? The farmer responds on her Instagram account.

I’m learning to be happy on my own

Noémie asked her followers on Instagram to ask her questions. If some want to learn more about her job or her hair extensions, the majority especially want to know if the farmer is still single since the end of filming. And unfortunately, his answer leaves no room for doubt: “No, I haven’t found anyone today” she confided to her community. “I’m learning to be happy on my own and I’m very happy. I have a full life, I am very well surrounded. Love, it will come when I least expect it maybe, I ask myself more questions, it will come when it comes.

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I gained confidence in myself

During the broadcast of the show, viewers discovered Noémie’s fragility and her lack of self-confidence. The young farmer also spoke about this, explaining to her subscribers that she has changed a lot: “There is a gap between Noémie before Love is in the meadow and now.” she explained. “I gained self-confidence, I accepted myself a little more and above all I realized that you couldn’t please everyone and that everyone was as they are. I know that the more time will pass, the more I will accept myself.“Noémie didn’t find true love thanks to the show, but she learned a lot about herself.

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