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And so the schoolyard became a concert venue for the 120th anniversary.

And so the schoolyard became a concert venue for the 120th anniversary.
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Sonorous concert honors 130th anniversary.

FELDKIRCH Characterized by a long tradition and impressed by modern brass band music, the Feldkirch-Nofels music association is all about active club work. “True to our motto ‘Music from the village for the village’, our literature is very diverse, tailored to our events,” says chairman Günter Walch.

Our music association celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2012 with the call “Ab ufs Fescht”. Ten years later, the Feldkirch-Nofels music association is still in the mood to celebrate and last Saturday invited to the open-air anniversary festival in the Nofels elementary school. The youth music under the direction of Mario Wiedemann took over the start of the festive concert. “After a longer Corona break, our youngest can finally prove their skills in front of an audience again,” explains Wiedemann. Afterwards, the musicians of the Feldkirch-Nofels music association provided an atmospheric and entertaining festival concert and a wonderful evening of entertainment. Under the direction of Peter Kuhn, the passion for brass music was brought to life for the hundreds of visitors. “BlechmaLacht” provided the musical finale. “The youth work, which always has a place at the center of the club’s activities, is particularly close to our hearts,” the chairman continues.

The music association Feldkirch-Nofels was founded in 1892. Nofels is located in western Austria and is a district of Feldkirch. In addition to the weekly rehearsals on Tuesdays and Fridays, an annual rehearsal weekend rounds off the rehearsals. Due to the constant search for new challenges and a diverse selection of literature, with which the conductor repeatedly pushes the musicians to their limits (and expands them), the music club Feldkirch-Nofels has become an integral part of village life. With its special ambience, the Montforthaus Feldkirch offers the perfect setting for the annual spring concert. In autumn, the event highlight changes from year to year, there have already been concerts in our parish church, Kilbi events, Christmas concerts, rock concerts and much more.

“By the way, we’re always looking for new members,” notes Walch. It doesn’t matter whether interested parties already master an instrument or want to learn one. “Just drop by our rehearsal or get in touch with the contact address given,” Walch continues. The rehearsal room is in the basement of the Nofels elementary school, Schmittengässele 28. TAY

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