North Korea exhibits its most advanced missiles | VIDEO

North Korean television has shown images of its most advanced missiles taken at a weapons exhibition in Pyongyang on Monday, in which leader Kim Jong-un defended his country’s right to self-defense.

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The images showed unpublished angles of the so-called Hwasong-16, the largest intercontinental missile in the North Korean arsenal, or its new hypersonic missile first tested just a few weeks ago.

The Hwasong-16, first shown in a parade in October 2020, was displayed on its huge 11-axis mobile erecting platform (TEL) and, in fact, some images displayed on monitors at the exhibition would suggest that it would be called in actually Hwasong-17 (the missile has not been officially named by propaganda until now).

The images broadcast by the state network KCTV also showed from different angles the Hwasong-8, a new hypersonic missile of which only one photograph had been shown until now.

In addition to other last generation projectiles (Hwasong-15, KN-23, KN-24 or KN-25) a missile of the Pukguksong family was also shown (which work with solid fuel, which makes them much easier to deploy and shoot) that until now had not been seen and whose name is unknown.

The exhibition was attended by his sister Kim Jong-un, Kim Yo-jong, members of the politburo presidium such as Jo Jong-won or Choe Ryong-hae, and key figures from the North Korean arms program such as Jang Chang-ha or Kim Jong- sik.

They all witnessed an air show and combat display by North Korean troops before entering the main compound.

The footage shows the soldiers displaying their skills in throwing knives or breaking bricks and apparent tiles with fists, kicks or the head, with taekwondo movements, as well as shirtless officers who endure stone blocks and other materials being split on their stomachs. with a hammer while their backs rest on spiked plates or broken glass.

In addition to acrobatic movements in the air or fighting scenes, North Korean troops show muscle and exhibit stamina and training by bending iron bars in pairs by using the omotracheal triangle of the neck or allowing them to break tile blocks by hammering their bare hands and arms.

Kim Jong-un later delivered a speech in which he defended his country’s right to develop weapons to defend itself against “hostile forces” and in which he assured that Washington still maintains its policy towards Pyongyang intact.

The US has offered North Korea in recent months to meet without preconditions to try to reactivate the denuclearization dialogue, stalled since 2019, but the regime has so far rejected the US invitation.

Source: EFE


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