North Korea: Squid Game shows how terrible South Korea is

The state North Korean Propaganda-Website Arirang Meari compares the Netflix mega hit “Squid Game“With South Korea. According to the article, the series shows the “capitalist culture” in South Korea and would show a world in which only money counts. People would only be judged on the basis of their money, cited the Wall Street Journal. The drama also emphasizes that “Corruption and immoral crooks“Are commonplace in South Korea.

It goes on to say that the show would expose viewers to the “sad reality of a bestial South Korean society” in which people live in huge debts and have to face extreme competition. It is also written that there is an unequal social system in the neighboring country to the south, in which people are treated like chess pieces. the humanity has already been wiped out in South Korea, according to the propaganda report without an author’s name.

Criticism of South Korean conditions

According to the Wall Street Journal, the article describes North Korea’s “love-hate relationship with South Korean pop culture.” The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un describes it as a “malignant tumor” – the K-pop industry is like “slavery-like exploitation”. Kim Jong Un has issued a general ban on South Korean dramas or popular music (K-pop) in his country. Anyone who does not adhere to it and smuggles or consumes such content into the country via USB sticks, for example, must expect forced labor or prison terms, among other things.

Squid Game has overcounted worldwide since its premiere on September 17th 111 million viewers in just under a month. The series is about 456 South Koreans in financial distress, which converted to a prize money of $ 38 million Play deadly children’s games. The director Hwang Dong-hyuk wants to criticize the South Korean conditions. Not only social minorities are discussed, but also the extreme pressure to perform in the country. According to the director, Squid Game should be seen as a metaphor for modern capitalist society, as he announced in an interview.

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