North Korean man and students sentenced for possessing copies of ‘The Squid Game’

The Squid game is a popular South Korea series that came to Netflix a couple of months ago, the series has been so popular that today it is among the best series in the streaming. A couple of days ago, a well-known newscast reported on the great impact of this series in countries such as China and North Korea, the latter being the one who has had the worst time.

According to a new report shared by RFA, the popular Netflix series: The Squid Game, has caused problems among North Korean residents, causing the possible death of one person and sentencing of a few more, including students and teachers. As reported by the site, a subject has smuggled the series into the country, being sentenced to death.

The Squid Game It has been able to enter the country on memory storage devices such as USB flash drives and SD cards, which are smuggled in by ship and then headed inland. One of these was bought by a student, who told several other students that they were interested and shared the flash drive with them.

They were captured by the censors in 109 Sangmu, who had received a warning”Said the source, referring to the government strike force that specializes in capturing illegal video watchers, officially known as Surveillance Bureau Group 109. According to sources on the site, the smuggler brought a copy of the Squid game to North Korea from China and sold USB flash drives containing the series.

The sources said that his sentence would be carried out by firing squad. While the student who bought a record received a life sentence, his classmates were sentenced to five years of hard labor, and teachers and school administrators were fired and face exile to work in remote mines.

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