Northvolt builds the first European lithium-ion battery

That the e-battery industry is no longer just that Tesla is left alone, have plans to build battery cell factories from Volkswagen, LG or Renault already proven. According to one Handelsblatt report stand alone in Europe 40 projects for battery factories in the starting blocks.

However, one company seems to be ahead of the curve: the Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt. Because this was recently in a Press release known that he had made his first battery cell. The company’s production facility in Sweden Skellefteå was the first factory in Europe to produce a cell that was “entirely designed, developed and assembled in a gigafactory by a local European battery company,” said Northvolt.

The production of the cell is, according to its own information, a milestone for Northvolt, which has been working on putting its factory into operation since 2017. “Of course, this first cell is just the beginning. We look forward to Northvolt Ett’s strong production capacity expansion over the next few years to facilitate the European transition to clean energy,” continues Peter Carlsson, CEO and co-founder of Nortvolt, in a statement.

First batteries as early as 2022

Already 2022 the Northvolt batteries should go into series production. According to its own statements, the company primarily wants to supply manufacturers of electric cars – including BMW, Scania, Volkswagen such as Volvo and its e-car subsidiary Polestar. Northvolt’s contracts with these automobile groups are said to be around $ 30 billion (26.4 billion euros) amount. The company intends to increase its production capacity in the course of this 60 gigawatt hours per year expand.

Northvolt recently made its first battery cell from discarded batteries. A recycling plant is therefore to be built next to the production facility in Skellefteå, because up to 2030 the company wants to increase its battery cells 50 percent made from recycled materials.

Northvolt’s battery factory in Skellefteå, Sweden

Hype about battery cell factories

Lithium-ion batteries are a key technology for electromobility. Accordingly, many companies are now expanding their factories. So far, only the South Korean companies LG and Samsung have produced battery cells in Europe. Now, Northvolt is also joined by VW, Renault and Tesla. They are all currently building or planning branches in Europe.

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