Norway: several people killed and injured by a man armed with a bow, the suspect arrested

According to local police, only one person was involved in this attack.

A man armed with a bow and arrows killed several people and injured several others on Wednesday in Kongsberg, in south-eastern Norway, before being arrested by police, who did not rule out motivation terrorist.

“We can unfortunately confirm that there are several injured and also unfortunately several killed,” local police official Øyvind Aas told a press briefing. “The man who committed this act was arrested by the police and, according to our information, there is only one person involved,” he added.

The motives for the attack, which occurred in several locations in Kongsberg including a supermarket, are still undetermined at this stage.

“Given the unfolding of the facts, it is natural to assess whether it is a terrorist attack”, added Øyvind Aas a little later during a new press briefing. “The suspect has not been heard and it is too early to comment on his motives,” he added, adding that investigators kept “all possibilities open”.

No accomplice wanted

The domestic intelligence services (PST) have been alerted, a spokesperson said. “These are only conjectures at the moment,” said spokesman Martin Bernsen, when asked about the possibility of a terrorist attack.

Police have not provided details of the suspect other than that it is a man who was taken to the police station in the nearby town of Drammen. She neither confirmed nor denied that he was known to the services. No other suspect is actively sought. According to TV2, the man also had a knife and / or another weapon.

The injured were hospitalized. Neither their number nor their condition is immediately known. The incident occurred shortly before 6.30 p.m. (4.30 p.m. GMT) in an area described as a fairly large area of ​​Kongsberg. The suspect was arrested at 6:47 p.m., police said.

On Twitter, local police said a man had been observed armed with a bow and arrows and used them while targeting people.

Weapons distributed to police officers

The inhabitants were called to stay at home. Several neighborhoods were cordoned off, television footage showing a large deployment of armed police forces and ambulances. A helicopter and a team of deminers were also dispatched.

The Norwegian police directorate has ordered that weapons be distributed across the country to all police officers. Most are usually not in Norway. The NRK public broadcaster showed on its website a photo sent by a witness showing a black arrow stuck firmly in a wall. In the past, Norway, a traditionally peaceful nation, has been the target of far-right attacks.

On July 22, 2011, Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people by detonating a bomb near the seat of government in Oslo, killing eight, before opening fire on a Labor Youth rally on the island of Utøya, causing 69 other victims.

In August 2019, Philip Manshaus also shot in a mosque near Oslo, before being overpowered by worshipers, without causing serious injuries. He had previously racially shot his adoptive Asian-born half-sister. Several plans for Islamist attacks were also thwarted.

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