Norwegian reality profile had to delete abortion posts after massive reactions

Last week, Ex on the Beach profile Caroline Nitter chose to open up about her pregnancy, and that she and partner Cristian Brennhovd plan to have an abortion.

In the post on Instagram’s story function, which she shared with her well over 80,000 followers, she wrote the following:

“To overshare (reveal, journ. note) a little more: I’m sick, angry and super pregnant.”

Furthermore, the 23-year-old writes that she has experienced that natural cycles do not work as a contraceptive, but that there is no reason to send her congratulations.

“Becomes obv (obviously, journ. note) no Cr Jr. I will travel and enjoy myself for many more years”, she wrote in the post.

Had to crawl to the cross and erase

The reactions were not long in coming, and only a few hours later the post was removed.

When Good Evening Norway met Nitter and Brennhovd during Friday’s Reality Awards in Oslo, she explained why she chose to delete the post.

– I thought this was a good idea to share, as this happens to many people. And then I realized after a couple of hours that it wasn’t so normal to share it after all, she says, referring to the amount of reactions she got on the post.

– Drink away the sorrows

For her, the choice to have an abortion was easy, and she does not intend to be influenced by the fact that the abortion has not yet been carried out.

– So I had to be a bit of hindsight, which I rarely am. So then I had to crawl to the cross and delete the post. But, the news is out, and I’m drinking away my sorrows tonight.

But how are you? Have you been to the hospital?

– Yes it’s all right. I’m going there next week. And it is crystal clear what I will choose. And there are an incredible number of people who have to do it, and who do it for various reasons, so there is no anguish for that reason. So I’m just going to drink and enjoy myself today.

Current debate

Internationally, several well-known voices have chosen to share their abortion stories as a reaction to the US Supreme Court’s decision to restrict the abortion law.

Among these is the daughter of Alec Baldwin, Ireland Baldwin (26).

In June, she shared a video on TikTok, in which she talked about her own experience with abortion as a result of an incident in her teens.

The video shows that she was raped at a young age while she was completely unconscious. She did not tell this to anyone other than a nurse who helped her. Baldwin chose to have an abortion.

A few years after that incident, she unexpectedly became pregnant with her then-boyfriend, with whom she was “very unhappy”.

– I chose me, and I would choose me again. It’s your life, it’s your choice, Baldwin concluded.

About the same time shared artist Lily Allen’s story on Instagram:

SHARED HER STORY: Lily Allen was among the many who shared her abortion story before the summer. Photo: Pascal POTIER

– I wish people could stop posting examples of explanations for having an abortion. Most people I know, myself included, just didn’t want a f – -ing baby. AND THAT’S REASON ENOUGH! WE DON’T NEED TO JUSTIFY IT. It shouldn’t have to be said, she stated.

– One of the worst days of my life

Actress Laura Prepon also chose to use her voice in Social Media.

– One of the worst days of my life was when I made the decision to terminate a pregnancy in the second trimester.

HAD THE CHOICE: Actress Laura Prepon.  Photo: Jordan Strauss

HAD THE CHOICE: Actress Laura Prepon. Photo: Jordan Strauss

She said that they had found out that the fetus would not be viable, and that she was grateful that she had a choice at the time.

I pray for all of us, so that we can get through this difficult time and regain control over our own bodies.

In the past, too actor and singer Alyssa Milano (49) shared their story. In the podcast “Alyssa Milano: Sorry Not Sorry”, she said that in her early 20s she had an abortion – twice.

– I knew at that time that I was not able to be a mother, so I chose to have an abortion, she said frankly.

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