Norwegian «Taiga» to prestigious Dota 2 club

Tommy “Taiga” Le is officially ready for OG, after he left the old club Team Liquid last week. He will be one of five new players who will lead the traditional Dota 2 club towards a new era of greatness, and the Norwegian is looking forward to taking on the task.

– It is very exciting to sign for a new club, play with new people and make new contacts. This is not something I do often, and therefore I am very excited about what the future looks like, Le tells

The 23-year-old takes on the role of Support for what will be a very young team line-up. Next to captain “Misha” at 24, “Taiga” brings with him 20-year-old “Yuragi” and “Ammar the F” and “Biziem”, who are both 16. The Norwegian’s experience was among the reasons why OG brought him in.

– “Taiga” is a very creative player, and a great person and teammate. When we told him about our plans to build a new team and play with younger players, he was very excited about the opportunities this could open up and he agreed to what we want to do. I’m really excited to have him in OG. He is the veteran and an emotionally intelligent player who gets the glue that will keep this team together, he said AND boss JMR Luna about the signing.

Aiming at The International

Like most Dota 2 clubs, OG has a goal of reaching the major tournament The International (TI) by the end of next year. The club already has two TI trophies, and is the only one in history to have won two years in a row.

If “Taiga” and company are to repeat that business, it is first important to build up experience together in the other tournaments that will be held during 2022.

– The plan for 2022 is to win qualifiers for LAN tournaments and TI. The hope is to “peak” around the time when TI begins, so that we are in the best possible shape, Le explains.

With the signing, “Taiga” gets the choice to move to Portugal to live with the team. However, he says that he initially plans to stay where he is, and rather fly in for training camp ahead of the tournaments.

Regarding his old club, “Taiga” says that it is difficult to leave the players he has been with for over four years. After much ups and downs in 2021, however, it became clear that things no longer worked.

– It is not easy to split up with them, and they feel the same. Our relationship is just as good and we are good friends, but as teammates it no longer works because the trust we had in each other is gone and it just goes down and down.

Thus begins a new chapter for “Taiga”, and it will not be long until we see the Norwegian in action with his new team. A new season with Dota Pro Circuit begins as early as November 29, where OG will, among other things, face Team Liquid.

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