Norwegian with strong traffic growth in July

Norwegian had 2,206,424 passengers in July, compared to 695,830 in July 2021.

It comes out in one traffic update from the airline on Thursday morning.

– This has been a good summer for Norwegian, says Geir Karlsen, CEO of Norwegian.

Filled up 94.5 percent of the seats

The occupancy rate, which means how large a proportion of the seats have been booked, was a whopping 94.5 per cent.

– We had the highest level of occupancy for many years in July, and we carried out close to all flights despite many and major challenges for air traffic in Europe, says Karlsen.

Punctuality, which is a measure of the number of departures that occur within 15 minutes of normal time, was 62.2 per cent in July. This is a decrease from 70 per cent in June.

Nevertheless, 93 percent of all flights landed on time or up to one hour later.

– Was as expected

This summer, the competing airline SAS was hit by a major strike, and in that connection had to cancel many flights. In Norwegian, on the other hand, 99.7 per cent of all flights were completed in July.

Flight analyst at WinAir, Hans Jørgen Elnæs, believes the SAS strike has had an impact on Norwegian’s result.

– It was as expected with Norwegian that July was going to be very strong, says Elnæs.

EXPECTED: Flight analyst Hans Jørgen Elnæs believes it was not surprising that Norwegian experienced a great result in July. Photo: Thomas Evensen / TV 2

Last year, Norwegian had major financial problems and fought hard to survive the pandemic. Now the airline has really recovered, the analyst believes.

– Norwegian has adapted to the demand in the market by not going too hard and not having too many planes in operation and they have managed to fill up their planes as the demand has been this year.

In any case, he points out that Norwegian’s huge ticket revenue in July, of over NOK 2.7 billion, was boosted by the fact that SAS went on strike for nearly two weeks while demand was very high.

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