Not a party mouse: Shania Geiss has found her dream job – “My great passion”

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Of: Stella Rueggeberg

Shania Geiss has been interested in art for years and has already created a number of masterpieces. Now she wants to concentrate fully on her passion. © Instagram/shania__geiss & Instagram/carmengeiss_1965

Shania Geiss is finally of age. After extensively celebrating her 18th birthday and passing her Abitur, the millionaire’s daughter is now looking forward to pursuing her great passion: art.

Monaco – A few days ago, Shania Tyra Geiss celebrated her 18th birthday. With plenty of champagne, the daughter of Carmen (57) and Robert Geiss (58) really let it rip. There is also another reason to celebrate, because the fresh 18-year-old has passed her high school diploma and now wants to focus on her passion.

Shania Geiss can concentrate on art after graduating from high school

Since childhood, Shania Geiss has been on the RTL2 show “Die Geissens – A Terribly Glamorous Family” with her sister Davina. In the meantime, the two millionaire daughters have also got their own show and show in “Davina & Shania – We Love Monaco” how they master their lives alone. They have also built up a large community on Instagram.

Shania keeps inspiring her followers with private insights into her life and chic outfits. But she also shares her great passion there with her fans. The 18-year-old has been interested in art for years and also proves that she has great talent with her paintings. Now that she has passed her Abitur, Shania wants to concentrate fully on art.

Shania Geiss has found her dream job – “My great passion”

“I am very happy that I can now fully concentrate on my art. I’ve planned cool projects here, it’s just my great passion. You can look forward to some exciting things there.” reveals Shania Geiss in an interview with the founder of the Faces of Democracy initiative, Sven Lilienström. She has not yet revealed to her fans which projects Shania has planned.

Just because she’s 18 years old doesn’t mean Shania Geiss loses her puppy protection. Robert Geiss reveals on Instagram that he is his daughter’s personal bodyguard. Sources used: Initiative Faces of Democracy, RTLZWEI

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