Not baking soda and vinegar but this is the effective whitener for cleaning and making household appliances shine

Cleaning the house costs a bit of effort but gives security. Apart from the sense of cleanliness, hygiene is also ensured. Sometimes there are points that you don’t know how to clean, especially the parts yellowed by time. It happens with the appliances, the white bathroom furniture, whose coating tends to lose its original white color. So, not baking soda and vinegar but this is the effective whitener to clean and make your home appliances shine.

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Housekeeping is a daily routine for people who take care of their home. You try to do everything, but sometimes some points may require more attention. So no one knows about this very effective remedy for keeping toilets, sinks and floors clean and enhancing what is thrown away.

Sometimes even time leaves its mark on objects. Thus the refrigerator or washing machine, which were white at the time of purchase, is a little yellowed.

It is generally not thought that that yellow could revert to the original white. Most appliances are built externally with plastic and not metal. If this is the case with ours too, you could try the following system. Let’s talk about the large and more common appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher and washing machine.

Not baking soda and vinegar but this is the effective whitener for cleaning and making household appliances shine

The common method used is to use an all-purpose cleaner to remove surface dirt. To try, instead, to eliminate the unsightly yellow, you could use lemon juice. A natural method by which you avoid breathing any chemicals.

The lemon it has whitening properties and trying it could give some interesting results. Put a few drops of lemon on a microfibre cloth or sponge and wipe over the affected surface. Then it goes over with a damp cloth to clean.

Another system is the use of bleach. One tablespoon of bleach is diluted in a quantity of water corresponding to one cup. It is scrubbed and then wiped with a wet cloth. Eventually the operation could be repeated a second time.

These two systems should, if not make household appliances shine back to their original white, at least improve the situation.

Food containers

Among the objects we are fond of could be plastic and small ones intended for food. The small containers must then be cleaned with a natural product. Among these, once again, lemon is to be preferred. Thoroughly cleans and eliminates any yellowish patina. Lemon is a faithful companion also useful for other house cleaning.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only. We do not know the behavior of our readers towards tools in the home or in the garden. For this reason it is recommended to use the utmost caution and attention with tools for the home and garden. to avoid creating unpleasant accidents In any case, it is strongly recommended to read the warnings given WHO”)

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