Not even a women’s friendly is saved: problems in the stands in America-Cali

In the middle of the friendly match between America and Deportivo Cali, corresponding to the Idolas Cup, which serves as preparation for the Liberatorsthere were acts of intolerance between fans of both teams in the eastern stand, a situation that was denounced on social networks by those attending the meeting and was evidenced in the game broadcast.

Due to the fact that it is a preparatory meeting organized by the Mayor of Cali, fans of both teams were allowed to enter and some were not allowed to behave in the eastern stand of the stadium Paschal Warrior and ended up in blows.

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The commitment had to be stopped after the unfortunate events. Even using the public address system on stage, it was possible to hear Catalina Usme from América de Cali and another referent of the sugar team, request good behavior in the stands.

“Please, come on… Let’s not stop the match because of the behavior, please. AHere we come to watch football in peace. Please, let’s behave. Thank you,” said the captain of the Scarlet team, Catalina Usme

Finally, the police were able to control the situation and the game ended up taking place, this being the first act of intolerance between fans in women’s football, since for League games only fans of the local team enter.

Regarding the game, Deportivo Cali was left with the victory by the minimum difference thanks to the goal of Paula Medina.

It is worth mentioning that both the sugar companies and the red devils will be in the Women’s Libertadores Cup 2022 which will take place in Quito, Ecuador between October 13 and 28.

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