“Not even because of the chiras do I accept any of the charges”: William Dau in a hearing with the Comptroller

In the hearing held through digital platforms, the president of Cartagena stated that: “The district controllers and the councilors have repeatedly visited the officials of my administration looking for perquisites, looking for jams, and threatening: he who does not give us what what he wants, we throw the District Comptroller to open processes for them, “he said.

In February of this year, the mayor of Cartagena, William Dau, was linked to a new judicial process. On this occasion, the Comptroller General of the Nation charged him with fiscal responsibility for an approximate sum of 1,074 million pesos for, presumably, having endorsed representation expenses that were not authorized.

The delegate comptroller, Eduardo Pineda Arrieta, explained that the opening of the investigation and the respective imputation of charges it was presented for the “payment of representation expenses to officials of the territorial order other than the mayor and the governor, who were not authorized.”

On the afternoon of Thursday, June 23, Dau gave a free version in the hearing of discharges of the process that the Comptroller’s Office is following. In the middle of the hearing, the president did not accept the charges and assured that everything is a “political persecution” of the control body to his government.

“Not even for the chiras do I accept any of the charges. In my free version I will demonstrate how the District Comptroller and the Comptroller General are driven by political motivations and not by technical motivations. 70% of Cartagena’s budget is lost due to corruption and those who steal that money are the ones behind this fiscal process against me,” said the president at the beginning of his speech.

In previous discharge hearings, the appeals of the mayor’s defense attorneys were heard, who requested the annulment of the present process due to the alleged irregularities in the due process, however, Patricia García, delegate of the Comptroller General’s Office dismissed the request by the lawyers.

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In the hearing held through digital platforms, the president of Cartagena stated that: “The district comptrollers and the councilors have visited the officials of my administration repeatedly looking for perks, looking for jams, and threatening: he who doesn’t give us what he wants, we send him to the District Comptroller’s Office so that it opens processes for them “, held.

On the other hand, the investigator of the Comptroller General, Patricia García, put on the table an element related to the dates on which the representation expenses figure was purged by the Council. “This process was defined in December 2020, when Mayor Dau had already been in office for a year, therefore, it is necessary to know what type of procedures were carried out in that period”accurate.

The president also pointed out that the District Comptroller never investigated these payments in previous administrations, in which, according to him, more than 120,000 million pesos would have been paid.

“The district comptroller was only concerned with defending the district’s heritage in 2020. But if what he really wanted was to watch over public money, why didn’t he take the same action? against all the mayors who preceded me, and those are not 1,600 million pesos, they are 120,000 million pesos, which were paid for representation expenses before I was mayor of Cartagena”, he pointed out.

Finally, William Dau undertook to provide all the documentation to verify his initiatives so as not to incur in irregularities and alleged damage to property. The defense hearing was suspended and will continue on Friday, July 1, at ten in the morning.

Other complaints

On April 12, Mayor William Dau announced that he had denounced Councilman Óscar Marín Villalba for the alleged irregular delivery of a pension when he served as director of the Cartagena Pension Fund (Fonpecar). The complaint, which was filed last February with the Attorney General’s Office, links Marín to the crimes of embezzlement by appropriation in favor of third parties and prevarication by action.


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