Notable: Falcón believed that various Chileanisms were flattery

There is no doubt that being a foreigner in our country should be an issue for footballers. We do not have a separate language like in Paraguay, but with the amount of Idioms, Chileanisms and even scribbles that are used when speaking make any understanding very difficult for foreign players.

This was the case of Maximiliano Falcón in Colo Colo, who in conversation with Directv explained that in his early days in Chile he understood almost nothing about Chileanisms, even reaching believe that they were flattery in some cases on the part of their peers.

“The hueá, or when I am dressed badly and they say to me, sacohuea. It seemed that instead of judging me it was a compliment, so I laugh, because I don’t understand ”, The Wig affirmed with a laugh.

In this sense, the defender declared that “I like to fuck around, but I throw jokes that are understood in Uruguay and not here. I look like a jerk, there they tell me ‘shut up, big ass cu … “, adding that “I’m good at fucking. When they say ‘perkin cu …’, I shit laughing. “

To close, he detailed the best ones for carving inside the dressing room, advising that “Iván (Morales) is the one that fucks the most, (Matías) Zaldivia too. (Óscar) Opazo is kind of quiet, but when he throws one, his funniest side comes out ”.

Maximiliano Falcón has already completed a year living in Chile. | Photo: UNO Agency.

Maximiliano Falcón has already completed a year living in Chile and even his son Domingo was born on national soil, making him just another Chilean. Without a doubt, there will be a special bond between the Wig and our country for life.

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