Notepad ++ Download – Free editor for programmers

The free download of Notepad ++ installs an alternative to the Windows Editor, which has many additional functions especially for programming.

Among other things, Notepad ++ supports the programming languages ​​Visual Basic, C, C ++, C #, Java, HTML and PHP. Version 8.1.6 of the software is currently available for Windows.

Representation of source code in Notepad ++

Notepad++ Download & Installation

Notepad ++ is available as both a 32-bit and a 64-bit version. The software can be comprehensively adapted during installation. For example, autocomplete files, plug-ins and themes can be installed.

Many additional functions for programmers

At first glance, Notepad ++ is somewhat reminiscent of the classic Windows Notepad, but on closer inspection, the numerous additional functions of the small program become apparent, from which programmers in particular benefit.

Syntax highlighting highlights certain elements within source texts, which greatly improves their readability. The programming language used is automatically recognized based on the file extension, but it can also be specified manually. By folding the code, related sections of the source code are displayed in groups.

An interactive miniature view helps you navigate through larger documents; frequently performed work steps can be automated with a macro recorder. The program can also be expanded with numerous plug-ins. These can be downloaded from the developer’s website.

Additional functions include auto-completion, the automatic insertion of indents, the simultaneous display of two texts side by side and the option of setting bookmarks within a document.

The better Windows editor

Even those who do not program should take a look at the program. In contrast to the Windows Notepad, for example, the display of several open documents within a program window in the form of tabs is noticeable. The open tabs are automatically saved when the program is closed and restored when the program is opened.

The search does not necessarily have to take place in the current document, but can also be extended to all open documents or even entire directories on the hard drive. Breaks and control characters are also taken into account in the advanced search.

Conclusion: practical alternative to the editor

Due to its numerous additional functions, Notepad ++ is an interesting alternative to the Windows own editor – regardless of whether you want to use the program for programming or otherwise. Even so, the program responds quickly and does not use much system resources.

Alternatives: Sublime Text, Atom

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