Nothing phone (1): Pre-orders are only available by invitation

On July 12, 2022, Nothing will present its first smartphone, the phone (1). It remains to be seen whether this will build on the success of the Nothing ear (1) – after all, more than 500,000 TWS headphones in a transparent guise were sold.

So far, details have primarily been focused on the back. Not only the extraordinary design, but also the LED functionality is in the foreground. The front is now also familiar: punch hole on the left and even, narrow edges all around.

Rather less has been said about the hardware so far. So far, there has been information mainly about the choice of material: completely recycled aluminum and, according to Nothing, they also use recycled materials – for example plastic.

The first 100 smartphones in a limited and numbered edition went over the counter for over 2,500 euros in some cases. The Nothing phone (1) will initially also be available in a limited number from the launch. The decision was made to put a limited number of smartphones directly into circulation instead of restocking first. In addition, the smartphones should only go to users from the community. How do you want to tackle that? With an invite system. A déjà vu for early adopters of OnePlus smartphones. At least during the pre-order phase, a code is required to order. Registered users of the Nothing community will probably receive it. Already tomorrow you want to send the corresponding codes for pre-ordering. If you are interested, check your email inbox. On July 12th, the pre-order should then be able to be completed punctually as part of an order. In this country, the device should also start at Deutsche Telekom – when exactly and, above all, at what price is still in the stars.

Im fresh published look behind the scenes, the flower already reveals that the Nothing phone (1) relies on an OLED panel with 120 Hz. As for the technical details, it is known that a SoC from Qualcomm is used. According to the benchmarks that have emerged, as expected, a mid-range chip, specifically the 778G+, is under discussion. It is also known that in addition to the charging option via USB-C, a wireless charging option is also installed – including reverse wireless charging. The two cameras installed on the back will probably be a main camera (wide-angle) and an ultra-wide-angle lens.

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