“Nothing worse than a disgruntled ex”: Rodrigo González ‘shoots’ against Paolo Guerrero

The soccer player of the Peruvian national team, Paolo Guerrerois the news of the moment after he made his relationship with the Brazilian dancer official Ana Paula Consort. The romance of the new couple is being commented on in all the programs and the space Amor y fuego de Rodrigo Gonzalez Y Gigi Miter was no exception.

The drivers talked about this romance, but they believe that everything would be a show put on by Paolo Guerrero to reply to Lark Garcia Miro, his ex-girlfriend. Given this, Peluchín described the player as pathetic when hanging stories with Ana Paula when he had never done so with his previous commitments.

When that is seen as a strategy it shows and it looks pathetic, it looks worse. ”, the driver pointed out Ana Paula Consort.

Rodrigo Gonzalez He pointed out that the Brazilian dancer appeared suddenly and to the good luck of Paolo Guerrero, since, while Alondra García Miró enjoyed her vacations in Europe and was linked to handsome leading men, the soccer player was looking for a new team in Brazil.

“Three weeks ago he said that he missed the puppies and this one (Ana Paula) suddenly appeared to him and as it serves him for the game, they do not live in Peru and if something happens, I act crazy. To all this, what will Doña Peta think? questioned the presenter.

I think everything is backwards that what you do does not affect me, that I am so in love that people will see me so changed, so happy and will see me do things that I had never done, “ Rodrigo González pointed out.

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