Notice to gamers, this QHD, 165 Hz and 1 ms PC screen is at a great price (-35%)

Lenovo offers a wide range of PC screens for gamers and the quality is obviously there. This is the case here of the G27q-20 model which goes from 399.99 to 259.99 euros at Fnac and Darty.

To fully enjoy your gaming sessions, it is essential to have a complete setup, where the screen is a central element. Lenovo does not skimp on the capabilities of its dedicated gaming monitors. This is the case of the 27-inch G27q-20 model which has a very muscular technical sheet to convince players looking for good performance. Good news, today this reference costs 140 euros less.

The advantages of this PC monitor

  • Its 27-inch QHD IPS panel;
  • Its refresh rate at 165 Hz;
  • Not to mention its AMD FreeSync compatibility and its response time of 1 ms.

At the moment the Lenovo G27q-20 PC screen is available on sale at 259.99 euros instead of 399.99 euros at Fnac and Darty.

A responsive screen, perfect for gaming

The Lenovo G27q-20 monitor is primarily designed for gamers. The firm offers an effective monitor to ensure during your gaming sessions. It brings a definition much appreciated by PC gamers, namely QHD at 2,540 x 1,440 pixels, or 1440p for friends.

This screen comes with a refresh rate of 165Hz and a response rate of 1ms, in order to achieve responsive and fluid gameplay with crisp images. In addition, this screen is FreeSync compatible to avoid slowdown problems, or tearing, translated by the tearing and jerks of the image during your games. This monitor will therefore be effective for playing in good conditions and obtaining fluid gameplay in all circumstances.

A comfortable and well-finished screen

Generally, the aesthetics of a PC gamer screen is not in sobriety, nor in finesse. However, Lenovo offers a fairly discreet, but also robust look with its solid foot sporting blue-colored veins. The latter is also adjustable in height, as well as swiveling on the sides to improve comfort according to your needs. Once placed on your desk, it will take up little space on your workspace despite its 27 inches.

As for the connectors, there is an HDMI 2.0 input and a DisplayPort version 1.2 input in order to benefit from the maximum performance offered by the panel. There is also a headphone jack for plugging in wired headphones or earphones.

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