Notorious pickpockets (16) steal from a football fan: chain gone

Notorious pickpockets (16) steal from a football fan: chain gone

The victim didn’t notice: three pickpockets known to the police stole a Gladbach fan on the train – they tore a chain from his neck.

Antanz trick on the train: Im RE1 from food to Dortmund have three police known pickpockets (16) stole a Gladbach fan early on Saturday morning. In the crowd, they tore a gold chain from his neck unnoticed, the police write in a statement.

The thieving trio fell the Pickpocketing investigators (dressed in civilian clothes) on the train at around 4.30 am. Even while driving, the federal police officers observed how the 16-year-olds put their heads together “presumably conspiratorially”. They had one Group of Gladbach fans selected as potential targets, the police continue to write. The fans were probably on their way back from the home game against Bremen in Mönchengladbach.

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Federal police in Dortmund are looking for a robbed Gladbach fan

When the train in Dortmund Central Station stopped, the thieves caused a crowd: they used the Antanz-Trickhugged several fans in a good mood and tore one previously unknown football fan the chain from the neck. Then the pickpockets got out.

The officers pursued the young people and arrested two of them three Moroccans at the north exit, it is said. They found the gold chain in a trouser pocket, the clasp was damaged. The fugitive third parties was identified a little later thanks to video recordings.

Now the federal police are looking for him stolen football fan: Who was traveling from Essen to Dortmund on Saturday (March 18) at around 4:30 a.m. in the RE1 and knows the victim? Information to the federal police on 0800/6888000 (free of charge).

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