Now it’s getting cold: This week will bring snow and rain

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Vorarlberg is already showing itself to be partly sweetened – the next active cold front with rain, snow and cooling will follow on Tuesday.

On Monday rain and snowfall (snowline around 900 meters) will subside by the morning, at the same time it will loosen up and it will be sunny for a few hours. From the early afternoon, however, the next cloud screen will already appear. The foehn can only interfere with the weather for a short time in the evening before the next cold front approaches on Tuesday night. The maximum values ​​are 5 to 10 degrees.

Active cold front on Tuesday

An active cold front hit Vorarlberg on Tuesday with rain showers and cooling. In the morning it will rain and snow continuously from dense, deep clouds, especially in the south. The snow line is around 800 meters. The least precipitation occurs between Lake Constance, the Rhine Valley and the Bregenzerwald, where it is already dry in the afternoon. The lows are 0 to 4 degrees, the highs are 3 to 8 degrees.

Sub-zero temperatures possible on Wednesday

On Wednesday morning there will be many high fog-like clouds with a low cloud base, in the morning they will dissipate and the transition to sunny weather will follow. In the afternoon layered clouds will gather again, in the evening the cloud base will drop and rain will fall. On the mountains the west wind becomes stormy. The snow line is around 1200 meters. The lows are -2 to +3 degrees, the highs are 4 to 9 degrees.

Forecast until Friday

On Thursday, the next front is embedded in the western high-altitude current, causing clouds and rain, snow is expected to fall at altitudes of around 1200 meters. It will remain stormy in the mountains, becoming increasingly loose in the afternoon. Friday will be under the influence of weak high pressure, mostly sunny in the morning, probably more cloudy in the afternoon due to layered clouds.

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