Now mountain bikes are coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Krafton has revealed which will be the next vehicle to be released to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – and this time it’s apparently about mountain bikes. These are added with update 15.1, but can also be cycled via the test server already now.

Mountain bikes are quite different from other vehicles, as they can be piloted in a collapsible condition and the lack of an engine means that they do not sound very much either. The bikes can also not be destroyed because they are just loot, but they only have room for one person, and likewise they will usually be found on the edge of the tracks. They can travel the fastest at 62 km / h, but of course it is slower if you want to shoot at the same time.

Of course, the bikes do not have the same amount of features as in the Riders Republic, but Krafton still writes that you will be able to jump and make wheelies with them. As for other news in the update, several weapons get a rebalancing, some places get a new design and in addition, Ranked season 15 will start when update 15.1 is released.

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