Noymar, the boy who took the photo with Neymar: "It is the best in the world"

Noymar Herrera, the little Barranquilla boy who became famous in recent days for manage to take a photo with the Brazilian crack Neymar, spoke with The VBar from Snail Radio, where, with his mother, Noelia Porras, explained how they managed to reach the player of the PSG and what this photo meant to the whole family.

“I got a photo for my parents, my dad blew me away and I managed to do the photo, he wrote my shirt and he is the best player in the world“said little Noymar.

Noelia, his mother, explained that her youngest son inherited admiration for the 10th of Brazil thanks to his older brother Mario, who followed all the games of this and for whom they initially looked for the photo.

“On Saturday night we decided to go to the hotel with a billboard”, commented Noelia, who after seeing the security at the exit of the hotel, said that her husband Mario decided to pass the cell phone to his youngest son, jump the fences and have him run towards Neymar, as recorded on video.

“Nervous and I felt a lot of emotion … I have been congratulated“said little Noymar about his selfie with the Brazilian, which added that will frame and box, as with the shirt that the striker signed.

Noymar is already clear with whom he wants his next photo, “with Luis Diaz and with Ospina “.

The little boy, who declared himself a follower of Junior, predicted a win 2-1 on Thursday for Colombia, with one of the annotations of the guajiro Díaz.

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