NRK employee may be injured for life after being beaten in the workplace – receive 60,000 less in compensation than desired

In January 2020, a Norwegian artist shamefully banked a NRK employee in the parking lot of the national broadcaster. Because of this, he is sentenced to compulsory psychiatric treatment.

District Court Judge Morten Bjone says the following about the verdict:

“There is a real danger that the accused will again commit serious violent crimes. The court finds that a sentence for transfer to compulsory mental health care is necessary to protect the life, health or freedom of others. “

ASSISTANCE LAWYER: Mathias Tadesse Gebremichael is an assistance lawyer and works in the Arctic Bentzen Law Firm. Photo: Line Haus / TV 2


He must also pay the aggrieved party NOK 31,158 in compensation, as well as NOK 40,000 in reparations.

Assistance lawyer Mathias Tadesse Gebremichael, who works for the Arctic Bentzen Law Firm, wanted the aggrieved party to receive more than 131,000 kroner in compensation, both as compensation for the aggrieved party lost during the period he was on sick leave, and for torture and burning. The result was thus a significantly lower amount.

This is because there are rules for liability for persons without fault.

“It must be taken into account when measuring that the injury was caused by an insane person. Pursuant to section 1-3 of the Damages Act, the tortfeasor shall then “compensate the damage he causes insofar as it is reasonable taking into account demonstrated behavior, financial ability and other circumstances”. When the court finds that it is the defendant’s mental illness that led to him not being able to realistically assess his relationship with the outside world, the court finds that the redress that the defendant is to be sentenced to pay must be reduced to NOK. 40,000, – », it says in the judgment.

Gebremichael has not yet been contacted by the NRK employee, and does not want to comment on the amount yet.

It was The online newspaper who first mentioned the verdict.

DEFENDANT: Ida Andenæs is a lawyer and partner in Elden law firm.  Photo: Line Haus / TV 2

DEFENDANT: Ida Andenæs is a lawyer and partner in Elden law firm. Photo: Line Haus / TV 2

Gets treatment

An indictment was first issued against the artist on April 29, 2020. At that time, the prosecution’s starting point was that he should be sentenced to prison, but then experts decided that the person could not be considered sane.

During the trial that took place earlier this autumn, it therefore became clear that the artist would be sent to compulsory psychiatric treatment if he was convicted.

Two forensic psychiatric experts examined him and were present during the trial, and they believe that the artist suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.

In the trial, surveillance videos were shown from NRK’s ​​parking lot, where you can clearly see that the artist kicks and beats the other man, and uses a lot of force in his blows.

The victim injured an emotional nerve in his face when he was beaten, and still occasionally has a stabbing pain and numbness in his face. He could not work for a period after the violence.

These are pains he risks living with all his life, according to medical documents that were read out in court.

Defense attorney Ida Andenæs in Elden law firm said in the courtroom that they thought the conditions for compulsory treatment were not present. To TV 2, she says the following about a possible appeal:

– We have not been able to go through the verdict yet, so it is a bit early to say.

Neither the artist nor the NRK employee appeared in court on Wednesday 13 October, when the verdict was announced. The appeal deadline runs from today, and fourteen days ahead.

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