NTLite Free Download – Customize Windows 10 ISO

With this download from NTLite Free (formerly nLite) you can create customized Windows installation media with the latest drivers and service packs.

The software also removes system components that are not required and generates installation media for an unattended installation. Here we offer the current version for Windows.

NTLiteSlimming Windows with NTLite

NTLite download in a new version

A while ago, the developer Dino Nuhagic released NTLite, a completely revised version of his nLite tool. The first thing you notice is the much more modern interface, which can now be operated more intuitively.

This makes it much easier to familiarize yourself with the program, but inexperienced users could still be overwhelmed due to the numerous customization options. One NTLite instructions can be found on the official website.

NTLite natively supports Windows 7, 8 & 8.1 as well as Windows 10 and Windows 11, each as 32- or 64-bit versions. An exact overview of supported Windows versions can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Customize Windows disc with NT Lite

The central feature of NTLite is the removal of unnecessary Windows components from the installation medium. By slimming down, the operating system not only takes up less hard drive space, it ideally also runs faster. Among other things, services, drivers or additional programs can be removed.

The other way around, new drivers and update packages can also be integrated into the installation medium. NTLite automatically puts the updates in the correct order to ensure maximum compatibility. The Hardware Targeting function is also very useful here, as it creates a list of the hardware components in the system and shows which drivers are still missing on the installation medium.

NTLite for unattended installations

In addition, various Windows settings can be preconfigured so that they are automatically set after an installation from the customized installation medium.

NTLite is also great for creating disks for unattended installations. Information such as the system language or the time zone can be filled in automatically, the EULA, the account setup and more can be skipped.

Extend NTLite Free with more functions

In contrast to the completely free nLite, NTLite is also available as a paid professional version with an extended range of functions. With this it is then even possible to make changes to the running operating system. A full comparison between the free and professional versions can be found on the program page.

NTLite alternatives

You can also adapt your Windows installation medium with WinReducer Ex-100 or Win Toolkit.

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