NTM: they canceled the Stade de France for a flight attendant!

While a biopic titled Supreme released in the cinema on the tumultuous history of the rap group NTM, TMC offers a documentary in which the various protagonists participate: NTM: the supreme story this Friday November 26 from 9.15 p.m.

The Stade de France, Kool Shen dreamed of it since childhood. And in 1998, after a decade of performing on stage and selling hundreds of thousands of albums, the artist was on the verge of making his dream come true. But that was without counting on the unmanageable side of his sidekick JoeyStarr, who had ended his relationship with his father, who will be at the heart of an incident a few weeks before what could have been the concert of the century. The documentary broadcast by TMC this Friday November 26 from 9.15 p.m., NTM: the supreme story, comes back to the case.

JoeyStarr slapped a flight attendant, who complained

On November 29, 1998, in a hotel in Montpellier, the artists of NTM, whom people looked at with suspicion at their beginnings, meet a group of flight attendants. At this moment, Joeystarr, who had looked back on her childhood in low-cost housing, made a remark that one of them did not like at all. “He must have said something like: ‘Ah hostesses is more what it was. It’s blood sausages!One of the young women also gives him a slap in the face. Joeystarr, who is not the type to turn the other cheek, returns the favor. In the process, the hostess complains.

JoeyStarr: “I bite my fingers not to gauge the bullshit from afar

A few years later, the one who had been separated from his mother at 5 years old explains: “I take a slap in the face. I answer him and it’s me who pays !“. And the artist to continue:”I think everyone is going wrong in their life. And I wish no one had it written in the diary the next day. Me, my first record, when it came out, I was sleeping outside. I had no house, I was on the street, I had no one … So I had to do with the means at hand. All this to tell you that you have something inside that makes that when someone comes to talk to me badly, I have the impulse that goes up. I don’t regulate history. I bite my fingers not to know how to gauge the bullshit from afar“.

And the media machine is racing. The concert partners withdraw and the show at the Stade de France is canceled. Kool Shen’s dream is shattered and the two artists will stop NTM to each take their careers in hand.

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