Nubank reveals date of analysis of your card limit, see when

Nubank daily updates the credit card limit of thousands of customers. It does this in an automated way and also through targeted customer-by-customer analyses. A few days ago, the application underwent an update and now directly releases the query of when the credit limit of your account and card will be reassessed again.

Also in this same place is informed when the last analysis was made on your account, so it is worth checking, especially if you are looking to increase your credit limit.

Nubank credit limit analysis


Nubank has released the date and calendar of credit analysis of your account in the app, it is easy to consult. To do this, just follow the steps below:

  1. Open the application and log in;
  2. Enter the Credit Card menu (where invoices appear);
  3. Look for the Limit Adjust button and click on it.
  4. Below this screen there will be a Limit Evolution button, click on it.

It is on this Limit Analysis screen that you can consult the dates that your account will undergo analysis again to check if there are conditions for increasing the limit. There will be a mini calendar informing the new dates and also below the date of Result of the last analysis.

Nubank limit analysis
Nubank limit analysis

Do this in your app and find out when your account will be re-examined to increase your credit card limit.

How is the Nubank credit card limit set?

The credit limit is calculated automatically via algorithms (computer codes that analyze the data). The algorithm analyzes financial market data and helps to make better decisions for each client’s profile. When someone is approved for the Nubank card, the person’s expenses are projected, risk analysis, application usage profile and also external data such as the Serasa score. Thus, an initial value and credit insurance is defined, both for the customer and for Nubank.

How to increase the Nubank limit?

The Nubank limit increase can be done by the users themselves through the application. Some behaviors can help to better understand the user’s profile and who know how to increase the value, they are:

  1. Do not delay payment of invoices
  2. Exploit the current boundary well
  3. Focus your spending on the Nubank card
  4. Avoid revolving credit
  5. Pay the invoice in full by the due date
  6. Keep your income updated on the Nubank app.

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