Nvidia reveals the new RTX 4080 and 4090, as well as its price

Nvidia has finally revealed its graphics cards RTX4080 Y RTX 4090 of the next generation “Ada Lovelace”, with proposed release dates for October and November.

Given the amd claims its RDNA cards will be more efficient, the green team has a lot of work to do to stay ahead of the competition, especially with Intel about to enter the fray.

The launch of the series RTX 40as well as the red team’s next-gen offerings, will spell the end of the current generation of GPU. Recently, Nvidia advanced his mysterious ‘Project Beyond’. Although no details were given as to what this might be, many suspected it would likely be the reveal of the “Lovelace” architecture.

The next era of graphics hardware is something many are looking forward to, especially now that the deficit affecting the Ampere and RDNA 3 ranges is all but resolved and gamers can finally get their hands on new graphics cards.

The Nvidia RTX 4090 will have 24GB of GDDRX6 RAM and is said to be four times faster than its predecessor, the 3090 Ti., is currently one of the most powerful GPUs on the market. Also, its price will be $1,599 dollarsslightly cheaper than the 3090 Ti when it launched earlier this year.

As to the Nvidia RTX 4080, that will come later There will be 12GB and 16GB variants of the card, priced between $900 and $1,199. respectively.

In addition, the new RTX 4090 will use the third generation of the technology giant’s Deep Learning Super Sampling algorithm. Nvidia’s DLSS already supports some 200 games, and image scaling technology is becoming more important as the industry advances.

For those unaware, this AI essentially works by redrawing pixels on the screen to convert lower resolutions to higher ones without putting additional stress on the system. It is quickly becoming the standard in many titles.

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